Monday, 1 February 2016

VIDEO - ADULT CONTENT: Boobs, Bush and Penis – The Insanely Sordid Video By Peaches YouTube Won't Ban

ORAL sex, oiled boobs, bare bushes and public urination are being hosted on YouTube in the world's most explicit music video.

Electronic artist Peaches also featured a penis and writhing orgy scenes in controversial footage filmed for her sordid new track Rub.
Among the cast for the clip were a number of sex workers and porn stars, who spent two-days in front of the camera in the California desert.
And the result is so explicit that the video has reportedly been taken down by the video sharing site a number of times, only to be allowed back up.

In scenes too graphic to reproduce, a woman pulls something furry from a pal's vagina using her teeth.

Another woman pulls a microphone from inside her, before a transexual porn star waves her dong in a co-star's face.

Two naked women even take a wizz on camera in the five-minute clip, which has been seen more than 836,000 times.
It's the latest in a series of YouTube clips that have come close to breaching YouTube's infamously strict porn policy.

Lex Vaughn, who co-directed the video, said: "We wanted a lesbian desert sex scene, but without the male gaze."

She also told the Daily Dot that 37 women appeared on camera, saying: "In Peaches' videos, there's women involved on both sides of the camera."
Peaches has become notorious for pushing the boundaries with her music and has songs with titles like "Shake Yer Dix" and "Lovertits".

Culled from Daily Star.

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