Saturday, 23 January 2016

Two Paranoid Weedheads Call 911 And Confess To Transporting 20lbs Of Kush After Imagining Cops Following Them

Two men got so blasted on some weed they were transporting across state lines that they imagined all the cars around them were actually police in disguise. The two got so stressed out by the situation that they called 911 and turned themselves in — just to get the cops to stop playing mind games with them. 
East Idaho NewsLeland Ayala-Doliente, 22, and Holland Sward, 23, were traveling from Las Vegas to Bozeman, Montana, with some 20 pounds of marijuana. Court documents show the men were using marijuana during their trip and when they entered Idaho, they felt they were being followed by undercover police officers.

Rexburg Police Cpt. Randy Lewis told that at the time they weren’t being followed by anyone.
Once they reached Rexburg, the pair exited U.S. Highway 20, parked their car and called 911. They said they just wanted the police to stop following them.

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