Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Las Vegas Strip Crash: Driver Claims She Ran Over Pedestrians Due To Stress and Tiredness

The woman who mowed down several dozen people in Las Vegas Sunday night says she was sober but just extremely tired.
Lakeisha Holloway told police she was trying to sleep in her car on several hotel properties but security kept running her off.

MailOnlineThe driver who killed a mother-of-three and injured 36 others on the Las Vegas Strip sidewalk is homeless – and claims it was the stress of finding a place to sleep that caused her to plow into dozens of innocent pedestrians on Sunday.
Lakeisha Holloway, 24, told authorities she was stressed out after being chased by security guards from parking lots where she had been trying to sleep before the crash, according to a police report obtained on Monday.

She had arrived in the Nevada city from Portland, Oregon, about a week ago, and had been residing in her 1996 Oldsmobile sedan, parking it at garages throughout the city, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. Holloway allegedly hit pedestrians on two different sections of the sidewalk while heading north on Las Vegas Boulevard near Bellagio Way.
Sheriff Joseph Lombardo told reporters that Holloway was stoic and didn’t appear to be distressed when she was arrested. He said she told a valet at a hotel to call 911 after she mowed down people on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Holloway told authorities that she had been in Las Vegas for around a week, Lombardo added, and police believe she was living in her vehicle with her daughter. Lombardo said she was thought to have been passing through Las Vegas on her way to find the child’s estranged father in Texas.
TMZ reports that Holloway is a model, who was in Sin City for work. She had just started a clothing line, but it is not clear if she was modeling her own clothes or picking up work elsewhere.
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