Saturday, 15 August 2015

I DO Know How To Handle Men - Nollywood Actress, Ayo Adesanya Boasts

After separating from her ex-husband, Goriola Hassan, Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya has stated that she has finally moved on with her life.
The beautiful actress, who celebrated her birthday recently, made it known that though many male admirers still want her at 45, she only views love from a distance yet.
"I cannot say I am not open to love because I have not seen it all and I believe that the best is yet to come. When it comes to love, if I get struck by cupid, I would follow what my heart desires. I can fall in love but I am not searching," she told Punch.

She also described herself as 'old school' and claims to known the defence route to prevent herself from falling prey to the advances of men again.
Adesanya said, "I may look sweet and s3xy but I am ‘old school’ when it comes to dating. I look before I leap. I know where I am coming from and I have learnt a lot. I know my onions and when men approach me for a date, I know how I handle them; I have a defence mechanism for them."

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