Friday, 24 June 2016

Tyra Banks Writes Open Letter About “Supermodel Wars” Between Old And New Catwalk Strutters

Tyra Banks is not here for the shade-fest between older models who got in the business through agencies and random discovery, and the new girls who got where they are through Instagram, reality TV, and nepotism.
Tyra says that times have changed and so has the modeling game — so rather than older models trashing the new crew or young girls rolling their eyes at those who laid the groundwork for their careers. Via Tyra’s BeautyBank site:
Why do I feel in the middle? I’m a model that started my career in high fashion, that transitioned to the girl-next-door sexy Supermodel, and then created a modeling reality show that catapulted my career and personal brand further than I could have ever imagined. I’m not 100% couture, nor am I 100% TV star.
So, yes, I exist in the middle. A sort of hybrid. There’s a level of poetic first-hand experience and understanding that I have and want to share about this escalating battle between Supermodels of the past and present…
Yesterday’s “Trinity” is today’s #Squad. And what we all must remember is that we are stronger together than apart. I hope we can start to act like it. I’ve had enough pain from my modeling years in the past and seeing my sisters in conflict today brings back those gut-wrenching memories. So, let’s band together and unite. Please end the fight.
And we must open our arms even wider. The modeling industry is no longer an exclusive, unattainable club that few can access. Anyone can be a model! If you have social media accounts, you can pose and post away, build your followers and make cold hard money all while having lots of fun. The modeling world is now a democracy and we need to celebrate it, lean into it.
The universe constantly changes and evolves, and will continue to do so until the end of time. It’s inevitable. And it’s beautiful.
Just like all of you reading this right now.
Eye See Your Beauty.
Do you?
Well, this was certainly something weighing heavily on Tyra’s heart…but does the average person actually even care how a model got her job getting paid to party and be cute?

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