Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Facebook Award 10 Year Old £7,000 After He Cracks Instagram Bug

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A ten year old boy is $10,000 richer after he managed to find a fault with Instagram.

Jani, from Helsinki, Finland, became the youngest person to receive one of Facebook’s ‘bug bounties’, which rewards people who find bugs in one of its systems.

But it wasn’t as simple as pointing out the filters did not actually make everyone look more attractive.

The schoolboy spotted a problem that allowed you to erase other people’s comments.

‘I tested whether the comments section of Instagram can handle harmful code. Turns out it can’t. I noticed that I can delete other people’s comments from there,’ he told Finnish Iltalehti.

Jani, who has been learning coding with his twin brother, reported the problem in February and it was fixed in the same month.

As for the $10,000, the schoolboy wants to buy a bike and football.

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