Monday, 18 April 2016

‘Don’t Waste Your Time Wasting Time’ – Lynxxx

Since the beginning of the year 2016, Nigerian rapper, Lynxxx has been channeling his creativity in new ways as he’s embraced the art of motivational and inspirational write ups.
Despite having one of his recent write ups taken down by social media site, Instagram for violating community guidelines, Lynxxx returns again with yet another piece.
This time he writes on ‘time wasting’. Read below…
Don’t Just slay that outfit! Don’t Just slay that wig, fellas don’t just slay with your new car.

Ladies don’t Just slay with your makeup on fleek. We need to start ‘Slaying’ all the things we need to prosper! 
How about we slay our egos! Slay envy! Slay laziness and bad habits? Slay that grudge in your heart! Slay all that gossip! Slay that lack of spirituality!
Pick up your bible and slay those problems in your life, slay all the things holding you back from your purpose and become who you were created to be! 
Don’t waste your time wasting time’.

Source: The Net Ng.

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