Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Man Abducts 3 Year Old Girl, Forces A Stick Into Her Vagina

The residents of Ikang in Bakassi Local Government Area, Cross River State, are yet to recover from shock after one of their daughters; a 3-year-old child, was abducted by a suspected ritual killer, and raped with a stick.

He was caught inflicting wounds on the child at a place not faraway from where a 1-year-old child was found, murdered.

PUNCH reports that on February 28, the child was playing with her mates when she was taken by the unnamed man. In a nearby forest, the man reportedly forced a stick into the child’s vagina, and was discovered by people who went in search of the girl.

After being caught, the man was handed over to the police, while another group hurried the injured child to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.

A staff of the teaching hospital, Mr. Uche Okoro, said the child’s condition was critical when she was brought in. Okoro also revealed to the press that the family of the suspected ritual killer offered to pay N10, 000 as part of the child’s medical expenses.

“The girl was already bleeding profusely because she had machete cut and a wood was forced into her vagina,” Okoro told the press. “At the moment, the hospital has carried out series of surgeries on her and she is in a stable condition. But the concern here is that a family showed up and offered to pay N10, 000 to offset part of the medical bill.”

“We found out that it was the family of the suspect,” Okoro said. “My worry here is that how is this possible? Or are they acting on orders of the police? We just hope that the police have not compromised.”

When contacted, a spokesperson of the Cross River State Police Command, Mr. John Eluu, said he was yet to be briefed on the case.

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