Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Jealous Ex-boyfriend Strangled Pregnant Mother- of Two with Cable Ties

A MAN who strangled his pregnant ex-girlfriend to death and left her to die in a bathtub in a room next to her two kids has been convicted of murder.

Matthew Smith was found guilty of murdering Isobel Parker, who he left to die in the bathroom of her Essex home in July last year after finding out she was pregnant with her new partner.
The twisted 23-year-old then sent a vile text to her younger sister saying: “By the time you get there it will be too late.”
She was found lying in the bath with cable ties around her neck after Smith had strangled her in the kitchen.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard how Iosbel, 24, had ended her relationship with Smith, who she had two children with, seven months earlier.

Police and paramedics were unable to save Isobel, also known as Becky, and her unborn child.
Smith had denied murder but was found guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court on Monday.
Speaking after the conviction, her new partner, who gave his name only as Shane, said the child would have been a little girl called Charmaine.

He added: "Becky was the best woman I could have ever wished to meet.
"We were so looking forward to the birth of our first child together."
Detective Chief Inspector Martin Pasmore said: "This is a sickening murder.

“Smith could not accept that his relationship with Isobel was over after she had moved on to the extent that she was six months pregnant by a new partner.
"When Smith finally realised there was no chance of reconciliation, he strangled her with plastic cable ties, killing her and her unborn baby daughter.
"Despite overwhelming evidence, Smith chose to put Isobel's family through the ordeal of a court case. The jury has today seen through his lies and convicted him of murder.

"Isobel had everything to live for, but Smith took it all away and destroyed a loving and supportive family in the process."
In a statement issued after her death, Ms Parker's parents said: "We have been denied of our beautiful daughter and unborn granddaughter.
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