Thursday, 18 February 2016

Singer Cynthia Morgan Clears The Air On Rumour That She's Pregnant With Jude Okoye's Child

According to an unconfirmed reports in the media, Cynthia Morgan is allegedly pregnant for Jude Okoye.

The report read:

The gist making the rounds is that reggae artiste, Cynthia Morgan who is signed to Northeast Inc, which is owned by P-Square’s brother, Jude Okoye is pregnant for the him.
So a fan on social media asked singer Cynthia Morgan if she was truly pregnant for Jude Okoye on her twitter page and she denied it. She stated that she isn't carrying his child and that her relationship with him is strictly business.

Jude Okoye who is married has recently been under fire by his brother Peter Okoye better known as Peter P-Square for ruining the management of P-Square, hence calling for him to get fired. It should also be recalled that Jude Okoye was the reason May D left Square records which was at the time managed by Jude Okoye.Read the rest of the tweets below:
 See Cynthia Morgan's response after the cut: 

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