Saturday, 12 December 2015

Tourist Locations You Can Get Butt Naked

We all like to go a little crazy on holiday, but are you brave enough to lose all your inhibitions?
If you want to feel truly free and easy, why not trade your shirts and skirts for your birthday suit at one of these stunning nudist resorts.
More than 52 million people who partake in clothing-optional holiday resorts at clubs in North America alone, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation
Some resorts limit nudity to certain areas, like the pool or beach, while other resorts are entirely natural and guests are encouraged to bare it all.

But it's not just the States where people are whipping their kit off. There are naked luxury resorts all over the world.
From sunny Mexico to the Florida keys, here are five places you can get totally starkers without getting arrested.

This tropical resort is walled and gated so you can feel comfortable wandering around in the buff.
Hidden Beach Resort is the chance to let your hair (and your swimming shorts) down and enjoy the stunning Caribbean coast completely naked.
Designed for nudists and those daring to experience the ultimate freedom of nudity, the 42 suite adults-only resort features infinity pools, hot tubs, a nude bar, restaurant and disco.
Liberated tourists are free to enjoy all facilities, all activities and dining in the nude.
And if you're worried about gawping guest, don't be – the resort prides itself on it's naturist etiquette.
There are a list of guidelines, which include:
No intimate touching or displays of affection that guests would not do in other public places with clothes on are allowed
Please respect all guests. Gawking and staring at other guests is not acceptable. Resort staff will immediately deal with complaints of gawking. Discretion is expected.
Sexual advances towards others will not be tolerated; if anyone’s actions make you uncomfortable, please notify the resort staff.
So you can enjoy feeling the Mexican sun on your bare behind and enjoy being comfortable in your own skin without any unwanted attention.

While it's not a nudist resort as such, this couples-only all-inclusive resort has a small clothing-optional island just offshore for sunbathing au naturel.
This is the perfect option for those wanting to try naked travel, but are slightly nervous about baring it all 24 hours a day.
And with powder-white beaches, a pool with a swim-up bar and fresh seafood on call, there's plenty to do when your not sunning yourself starkers.

Chan Resort claims to be the first hotel to allow nakedness in Thailand.
Near the beach, the resort offers comfortable rooms, a glistening pool, a restaurant serving Thai and Western fare and friendly service.
The website reads: "We believe in enjoying the sun fully, naked,… and the natural way."
Club Orient is the only nudist beach resort on the friendly island of St. Martin in the French West Indies.
Located in Orient Bay, one of the finest beaches in the world with white sand and crystal clear blue waters.
Our average temperature of 85 degrees year-round, make it the perfect spot for nude beach parties.
The resort offers various water sports, spa services, beach massage, and sports activities – which can all be done in the buff.

Located 45 minutes from Daytona Beach, Fla., Sunny Sands Resort is a family clothes-optional resort. This means everyone there can wear as little clothing as the desire or none at all.
The 2-acre retreat includes a pool, hot tub, volleyball, exercise room, clubhouse and restaurant, nine-hole golf course and hiking trails.
The pool deck is nude only. Accommodations range from tent camping to camper van sites, allowing guests to get even closer to nature.

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