Saturday, 12 December 2015

Toke Makinwa’s Husband, Maje Ayinda Reacts To Speculated Reconciliation

It was widely reported that Toke Makinwa and her estranged hubby, Maje Ayinda are fully back into each other’s arms as they were spotted together in the two major events that were held last weekend.
Maje, the health and fitness instructor doesn’t seem to like the buzz that was created by the media about the whole reunion drama.
A while ago, he wrote a piece of his mind on his Instagram page, advising people to stop judging his life and instead focus on theirs.
‘’Every time you judge someone, put them down, criticize them and minimize their efforts, you choose to feed your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs! Fear of failure and rejection is often a reflection of how you view other people's efforts, failures and achievements rather than a true representation of how you feel. 

You're more worried about what others will think and say about you rather than any real sense of fear or failure and that's because you're too quick to judge and criticize others! If you judge others and put people down for trying then you absolutely deserve to feel the fear of failure and rejection when you eventually decide to do something with your life........because instead of encouraging others you made a dis-empowering choice to mock, laugh and criticize those who tried to do something meaningful with their life! It costs you nothing to encourage and support people on their unique journey but it may end up costing you everything if you keep judging others!'’, he wrote.

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