Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lesbian Couple Suing NYPD Over Alleged Hate Crime Assault

This past summer we posted a story about a lesbian New York couple alleged that they were assaulted by an off duty officers and several others after being referred to as “f***ing dykes”.
They are now seeking restitution for their suffering according to the HuffingtonPost
A Brooklyn woman who alleges a police officer called her a homophobic slur before assaulting and falsely arresting her is suing New York City and the police department.
Filmmaker and bartender Stephanie Dorceant, 29, and her ex-girlfriend, Nandi Allman, filed the suit in a Brooklyn federal court Monday afternoon — two weeks after she was cleared of assaulting the police officer.
It claims that early on July 11, 2015, the couple was walking back to their apartment in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn when off-duty NYPD officer Salvator Aquino, who was not in uniform, bumped into Dorceant from behind.
“When Ms. Dorceant asked Police Officer Aquino whether he was ‘alright’ he responded in sum and substance ‘mind your own business you f***ing dyke,’” the lawsuit states.

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