Friday, 11 December 2015

Do You Know What Women REALLY Want in The Bedroom? - READ!!!!

DO you know the one thing she really wants when it comes to sex?

While there’s definitely a lot of give and take when it comes to getting down and dirty, it turns out that ladies prefer to be in control in the bedroom. 
According to new research more than half of women (51%) like to dominate their lover and even more of them (67%) have the confidence to tell their partner what they like downstairs.
What’s putting girls off is a lack of foreplay, which could be why a fifth of them can’t climax through penetration alone.
Lots of them admitted to  (53%) compared to mere 17% of men – the reason was either to save a partner’s feelings or to finish the act quicker.

In fact girls are so assertive when it comes to sex that almost half (48%) confessed that they take matters into their own hands because they are better at making themselves orgasm.
Nearly a quarter of lusty ladies indulge in solo sex on a weekly basis as they reckon getting their rocks off is great for relieving stress.
But there are some pleasures that can only be had with a partner.

Most women (65%) enjoy getting up close and personal as they thrive off the affection and closeness that sex brings.
Whilst 42% said penetrative sex is most likely to give them the big-O, closely followed by a third that peak most from oral sex.

Dr Becky Spelman, psychologist and relationship expert, said: “One of the most enlightened elements of recent sexual-social development is how open and aware women in particular have become over taking ownership of their own pleasure.
“Even a decade ago there were still many social barriers which impacted on women owning their self-pleasure, but this new research backs up the evidence I see on a daily basis with female clients able to communicate their own needs to themselves.”
She added: “We often talk about how technology can take us away from connection with ourselves and others but the rise of sex toys and the breakdown of taboos around these, has created a technology-led path to pleasure, which actually increases our ability to connect with both our own sexuality and that of our partner.”
The study was conducted by sex toy brand We-Vibe.

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