Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sexculator: Are You Aware Of How Many Calories You Burn While Having SEX?

FROM 10 minutes of Reverse Cowgirl to 20 minutes Missionary, this is how many calories you're burning off during sex.

An energetic session in the bedroom can burn some serious calories.
While Girl on Top – otherwise known as Cowgirl – is great for working out your calfs and quads, Reverse Cowgirl will ramp-up your calorie count.
And while Missionary will get you hot and sweaty, Doggy Style is a better workout for both parties.
But how many calories are YOU burning during sex?

Well, a handy new calculator lets you work out how good your night of passion was for your waistline.
Thanks to the we have been able to find out how much of a work out we get in bed.
You simply enter the gender and weight of yourself and your partner and then disclose which position (or positions) you did and for how long.

We found out that 22 minutes of Girl On Top would burn 75 calories for the woman and just 31 for the man.
While 22 minutes of Doggy Style burns 65 calories for the woman and 73 for the man.
This means you could share a post-coital Curlywurly bar (115 calories) and still have some to spare. Yippy! 

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