Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lamar Odom Blood Test Results Positive for Cocaine

TMZ reports that the Sheriff now has the results of Lamar Odom's blood tests, and as expected ... he tested positive for cocaine.
Law enforcement sources tell us the Nye County Sheriff's Department received the results of the blood that was drawn at the hospital in Las Vegas ... and we're told it showed cocaine was indeed in Odom's system when he was admitted.
As we've reported ... Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said if there was cocaine in his blood it was "distinctly possible" he would be prosecuted for drugs.

Good news for Lamar ... even if he's prosecuted he won't do time.  Although cocaine possession carries a 1 - 4 year prison sentence in Nevada, first time offenders routinely get drug diversion ... when they complete the drug ed course, the charges are dismissed.
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