Wednesday, 30 September 2015

VIDEO: Man Smashes Car Into Ex-Wife and Lover – Before Kicking Both Repeatedly

A JILTED ex-husband has mowed down his ex-wife and her lover outside a police station – before kicking them as they lay injured on the ground.

Victims – ex-wife Qin and her lover Min – had just got of a taxi on Monday when they were hit in Tianchang city.
The black car was allegedly driven by Qin's former husband – Zhang.
The shocking footage later shows how neither the security guard or any of the bystanders stopped Zhang as he kicked both his victims repeatedly after driving into them. 
It is believed Qin and Zhang had been arguing frequently before the attack, according to reports.

Min died at the scene as a result of his injuries.

Qin survived the high-speed car attack at around 10am in Anhui province.
Chinese police are holding Zhang in custody while they investigate.
Last year a Chinese man clung on to a car after a driver tried to run him over in a similar attack.
He was only rescued when traffic police alerted other motorists.

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