Tuesday, 15 September 2015

University Lecturer Kills Himself After Shooting His Girlfriend and Colleague Over Suspected Affair

A university lecturer who shot dead his girlfriend before driving to work to kill a colleague he suspected of having an affair behind his back,has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Mirror reports Shannon Lamb, 45, allegedly gunned down church outreach minister Amy Prentiss, 41, at their home in Gautier, Mississippi, at around 6am on Monday.

He then travelled 300 miles to his place of work, calling 911 to alert them to her death, then opened fire on the campus at 10.45am killing assistant history professor Ethan Schmidt.

Lamb was last night at large, armed and dangerous and said he was refusing to hand himself in.

He was driving a Dodge Avenger registered to Prentiss.Officers following Shannon Lamb, also a professor at the school, witnessed him pull his car over near Greenville, Mississippi, exit the vehicle and flee into a wooded area.The officers then heard a single gun shot and subsequently found Lamb's body, Bingham said. 
According to reports, investigators believe a love triangle may be behind the two killings after Lamb may have been under the impression that his lover was also in a relationship with Schmidt, who was married.

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