Friday, 14 August 2015

Man Who Owes Blind Landlord 3 Years Rent, Tries to Set Building on Fire

A tenant who owed his blind landlord 3 years and 6 months’ rent set the house ablaze, in the Ajegunle area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the tenant, identified as Dominic Udo was owing his blind landlord identified as Richard rent. The landlord then reported the matter at the Citizen Mediation Centre, in Amukoko.

Both Udo and Richard were invited to the centre, on August 5, 2015.
On August 7, 2015, Udo was alleged to have lit a candle and left. The fire ignited his room in the evening but was put out by residents in the area.

The residents suspected that Udo would have done that based on the fact that the landlord took him to the centre after which he promised to quit the residence.
Richard, who wanted to eject the tenant from the building situated at Young Lane, for his defiant behaviour went to Ajegunle police station and made a report, yesterday.

A resident, Mama Nkiru said, 
“The tenant had no human sympathy. How could a man, who is a commercial motorcycle rider live in a house for over 3 years without paying his landlord a dime? It is wickedness. He should be ashamed of himself. We are suspecting that he set the building ablaze himself because the landlord took him to the Citizen Mediation Centre. “
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