Thursday, 31 March 2016

Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Secret Messages Hidden in Bank Transfer

One man is proving that money really can buy love. Well, sort of.

38-year-old Darren Robinson asked his girlfriend to marry him using a series of transactions on her bank statements.

We know. It doesn’t sound like the last word in romance. But stay with us.

Darren hid secret messages in payments he made to 32-year-old Natalie so that the words ‘Will you marry me? xx’ showed up as the references to five different transactions.

Nat noticed the five messages written at the bottom of the bills when she opened her paper statement which came in the post a few days later.

The timing caused a little bit of a mishap for Darren, as he hadn’t banked on the proposal showing up until the following month’s statement – meaning he hadn’t left himself enough time to buy a ring.

Fortunately, it didn’t put Natalie off: She said yes.

Natalie, fom Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, said: ‘He transfers money for food and bills every month and always puts daft words in the reference box. He usually sends £75 in one go for the food shopping but it cost a little bit more last time so I asked for £100.

“He sent it in five lots of £20 and I thought it was a bit strange. He was watching me as I opened the letter which I thought was a bit odd as well. When I actually properly read it I was just thinking: ‘Oh my god’. I thought it was a joke.

‘When I saw it I just said: “Is this a joke?”. I had to read it twice. He said no and I was so happy I forgot to actually say yes. I was over the moon.’

Darren, an HGV driver, says he planned the unusual proposal to his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years during a long night spent away on the road.

Darren said: ‘I was chatting to a mate at work and telling him how I wanted to propose in a really unique way, but everything we thought of had already been done. Eventually I thought of the bank statement idea and decided I’d give it a go. I sent the money on February 26.

‘I still asked her dad and tried to do everything properly, but as she had been saying her statement was due any day now. I thought it was the perfect time to send it, thinking it would give me about a month until it showed up on her next statement and I could buy a ring by then.’

Understandably Darren was pretty nervous when he realised his messages were on this statement and he hadn’t yet bought a ring.

But it turns out it was a good job he hadn’t – because (prepare yourselves for the next ultra-romantic twist) Natalie fancied spending what would’ve been ring money on a new kitchen instead.

And so that’s what Darren treated her to.

Natalie said: ‘The funny thing is he’s not romantic at all so he’s really outdone himself this time. Usually the references when he transfers money are just adult jokes or rude words.

‘Money can’t buy you love but I think I’m going to have to start doing a bit of extra shopping every month and see what else I get.’

Source: Metro.

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