Thursday, 14 January 2016

Actor Sean Penn Targeted By Violent Cartel Gangs After Drug Kingpin El Chapo Is Captured

Is Sean Penn’s life in danger after notorious drug lord El Chapo was captured after his interview?
The Hollyweird actor is being warned to hire security ASAP because Chapo’s cartel friends are under the suspicion he snitched on the drug kingpin. According to TMZ, drug cartels “act on what they think, not what they know.”
Our source suggests Del Castillo remain on this side of the border for now, since it’s much easier for the cartel’s goons to take out people in Mexico.
There’s been no specific threat made against Del Castillo or Penn, but we’re told this is the kind of situation where you want to use an abundance of caution.
Hindsight’s 20/20, but the source says the best move would have been staying away from El Chapo altogether — “If you play with the rattlesnake enough times, you’re gonna get bit.”
Protect yo neck, Sean!!!!
Rolling Stone

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