Saturday, 26 December 2015

Is She Faking IT? How To Tell If She's REALLY Reaching Orgasm

IS SHE climaxing or just boosting your ego? We reveal all.....

According to sex expert Tammy Nelson most ladies (80%) are actually lying when it comes to orgasms.
If you think your partner is pretending to reach the big-O during your steamy romps, here are some sure-fire signs that will give away whether she’s really climaxing or not.
Basically her body will give it away. Firstly her face and chest will get hot and flushed and she’ll start to breathe quicker and heavier.

As she’s reaching climax her body temperate and heart rate will begin to soar.

Next all of the muscles in her body will start to tense up – including her vagina – and she’ll probably close her eyes.
“When a woman’s aroused, blood engorges her vulva, her vaginal lips swell, she lubricates and when she orgasms her vagina pulsates,” Tammy told Men’s Fitness.
Shockingly your lover’s vagina will actually contract between 10-15 times as she gets her sexual release but each one only lasts a fraction of a second.

To recognise when it’s just an Oscar-worthy performance, look out for porn-inspired screaming and thrashing – or just ask her.
But why are women acting out their sexual pleasure?
Most girls will want to please their partner and boost their ego but it’s also worth remembering that it can be difficult for women to climax from penetration alone.
So be patient with her and make sure you treat her to lots of foreplay.

Tammy said: “Because they’re afraid or don’t know how to tell their partners what they need to achieve a real orgasm.
“Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for anywhere from seven to 45 minutes, and unless she gives you hints like sighs and moans, you won’t know if you’re even in the ballpark.”

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