Wednesday, 21 October 2015

$188 Million Lottery Winner’s Drug Dealing Boyfriend Arrested Third Time After $9 Million Bail

A 26-year-old mother of four who won $188 million in the lottery and was praised for seemingly planning to use it on her child with cerebral palsy, is once again getting blasted!
Marie Holmes already spent over $9 million after her fiance was allegedly caught with 8,000 bags of heroin, but now it looks like her ain’t shit boo has been arrested a THIRD time…
My Fox 8Lamarr Andre McDow, also known as “Hot Sauce,” was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon.
A spokeswoman for the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said that McDow turned himself in after being indicted on the charge. He was processed out of the jail a short time later, according to WWAY.

Last November, McDow was arrested on heroin charges. Prosecutors said Marie Holmes, McDow’s fiance, paid his $3 million bond just a week after her lottery win.
In July, McDow was arrested a second time for violating the terms of his curfew after his March release.
When deputies went to pick McDow up at the home that he shares with Holmes, they smelled marijuana and found a gun that belonged to him. Holmes and several other people in the home were cited for possession.
Shortly after his arrest, he was released from jail on a $6 million bond.

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