Friday, 25 September 2015

Woman Goes Into Labour in The Middle of A Busy Road

Dramatic CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a woman goes into labor in the middle of a busy road before she is carried onto a bus to be taken to hospital.

The woman, from China's Zhejiang Province, is seen sprawled and screaming as traffic speeds past her and her husband desperately tries to flag down an oncoming vehicle.

The father-to-be, whose scooter appears to have broken down during the couple's dash to the hospital, flags down the bus and the driver and passengers are seen running to her aid.

Struggling to get comfortable on the bus, the mother-to-be makes the decision to sit up in a position that will allow her to easily give birth to her child.

Commuters on the bus are seen banding together to help deliver the baby, while the driver quickly makes his way to the nearest hospital.

In a tense rush against time, the young woman is seen giving birth just as the bus pulls into the emergency entrance to the hospital.

Nurses are seen boarding the bus to check the safety of both mother and child before they are transported to a room within the hospital.

The woman was in her third trimester and nine-months-pregnant at the time and had been riding with her husband on a motorbike for a check-up with their doctor.

Desperately trying to call an ambulance, the husband made the snap decision to board the bus, which safely delivered both mother and child to hospital.

The woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy and is seen relieved at the end of the video.

In a similar incident in 2012, a woman in the Chengdu Sichuan Province of china is also captured giving birth to her son on a bus.

39-year-old Wang Liyang appears to be suffering from a bad stomach ache before incredible CCTV footage shows her reaching into her clothing to deliver her own baby.

A boy thought to be her three-year-old son is seen sitting next to her fascinated by the birth.

Amniotic fluid is clearly visible on the floor in front of Ms Liyang after her water breaks.

Fellow passengers asked her if she was alright, but she was unable to speak due to the intense pain she was suffering.

After being alerted to what was happening, the bus driver headed directly to the nearest hospital in Chengdu, while passengers passed blankets to the Ms Liyang to keep the baby warm.

After giving birth Ms Liyang tries to clear her new sons airways by lightly tapping his bottom, while passengers desperately waved down a passing ambulance, who reportedly took her the rest of the way to hospital.

The baby weighed just over 3kg and was believed to be in good shape after the spectacular birth.

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