Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Mercy Johnson Fires Back At Critics - "I Understand The Ethics Of Child Spacing, Let Me Be"

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, has condemned critics over her perceived negligence of child-spacing.
The actress, who is reportedly expecting her third baby with her husband, Prince Okojie, had before now been allegedly castigated severally by fans for not observing what they called proper child spacing.
Most fans had alleged that the actress had no reasonable spacing between her first and second children and according to them, she ought to know that it is not advisable, medically.

However, the mother of two speaking with Goldmyne TV recently, said:
“It’s my life. Those of you attacking me should please let me be because I am old enough to decide on what is good for me.”

“I am expecting my third child and I’m a married person, so I don’t think people should ask me why. I understand the ethics of spacing kids but I’m a married person and an adult, I can decide the way I want to live my life.
“So yes, I’m having my third baby very soon. Thank you so much for the good wishes, thank you so much for the hate speeches, but save some of the hate speeches because the fourth will soon come to round it up.

“When the fourth comes, you can then show your anger but for now, it’s good news let’s celebrate,” Mercy noted.

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