Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Woman Turns Up To Her Wedding In A COFFIN

A CORPSE bride shocked her wedding guests when she made a dramatic entrance inside a coffin.

Jenny Buckleff, 58, said she "wanted to do something a little bit different" when she turned up at the alter.
And when she got married to 51-year-old Christopher Lockett she managed to do just that.
Jenny, who works for sport betting site BET365, lay in the closed coffin as she was pulled to the Llangefni registry office in Anglesey, Wales, by a motorcycle.
She wanted to make the special entrance in honour of her brother – a motorcycle enthusiast.

Jenny said: "I almost didn't tell Chris but in the end I spilled the beans about three weeks before.
"He was a bit surprised but he said as long as I was happy he would go with the flow.
"What more could I ask for from a new husband?"

The coffin actually belongs to her brother Roger, who was given it as a bizarre gift by his daughter.
Lorry driver Christopher proposed just one month after he first locked eyes on Jenny at their local pub.
He said: "When we first met I gave her my number but I was so drunk, I gave her the wrong number and kept going back to the pub week after week, waiting for her to come back in.
"It was maybe four or five weeks until we met again and it went from there."
Jenny, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs was pulled to the wedding venue by her sister-in-law Hayley Buckleff on a VW Trike.
Hayley said: "My husband has always been interested in skulls and skeletons.
"The coffin was bought as a present, so he turned it into a trailer.
"When we go away on bike rides, we use it to put all our camping gear in.
"We get an awful lot of looks when we go out with it. It's unique."

Jenny's daughter Jade, 27, wasn't too phased by her mum's choice of transport.
She said: "The coffin was a bit strange, but my mum is never normal.
"I thought she was joking at first."

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