Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce And Dino Melaye React To #8.4billion Naira Wardrobe Allowance

Senator Dino Melaye and Ben Murray-Bruce have condemned the proposed N8.64 billion wardrobe allowance to be received by lawmakers in the 8th National Assembly.

Melaye, who represents the Kogi West Senatorial District, also said that the country’s lawmakers must be ready to accept a pay cut due to the situation in the country.

The Senator made the comments on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, while speaking during a programme on Africa Independent Television (AIT).

“I stand solidly on what I earlier said about pay cut. There must be a pay cut to Senators and House of Representative members,” Melaye said.

While Ben Bruce went on Twitter to set the record straight that he remains loyal to the needs of Nigerians and was elected to the senate to defend their course.

“You can’t be talking about change and this kind of money in this country now when people are hungry. We must be sacrificious. We must show Nigerians that we must sacrifice by allowing a pay cut,” he added...

See Ben Bruce's tweets after the cut.........
The proposed allowance has caused controversy in the country with many criticizing the Senators for being insensitive to the plight of the average Nigerian.
Melaye and Senator Ben Murray-Bruce were especially criticized due to earlier anti-extravagance statements credited to them.
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