Monday, 15 June 2015

Meet The 81 Year Old Who Looks Half Her Age Because 'She Never Got Married'

The way marriages are crashing these days...her theory may just be right..Nina Snelling is 81 yet, many mistake her for being in her 50's.She has never had plastic surgery, Botox, fillers or tooth whitening..Her secret? Never getting married..She tells Mailonline
I always arrive at the same answer: my marital status.Despite five marriage proposals and my fair share of boyfriends, I have never said yes or even been tempted to stick with one person for life. Put simply, I am happy being single.

Bypassing the stress of living with a man or being married to the wrong one is what I think has kept me looking young.I see friends racked with worry about what they should or shouldn’t do, always having to ‘check-in’ and ask for permission to do things, but I’ve never had to deal with any of that.I eat when I like, get up when I choose, buy what and I want and speak to whoever and go wherever I like.I refuse to be a slave to routine and can spend seven hours in the garden of my little Ipswich home without anyone telling me I should be anywhere else. It’s blissful.

Stress ages you. Women are the most stressed they’ve ever been, juggling careers, families and home life all at once. I’ve never been tied down and I’ve always known I could walk away from a relationship at any moment.

I had my daughter Virginia during the Sixties (she’s now 53), when it was a terrible thing to fall pregnant outside of wedlock. Her father wasn’t the right man for me so I raised her myself....
I don’t pretend that life is easy for single mothers, and I know the stability of a happy marriage can give your children a great start in life. But I think I’m proof that single mums can do a terrific job too — there’s more than one way to raise a child.

Even when I was seeing a handsome, wealthy Army captain in 1982 when I was 48, with a 20 year-old daughter living at home to look after, didn’t want to settle down, despite his best efforts and pleading.

Of course, there are a million admirable reasons to get married, and most couples are very contented, but I have found I am happiest on my own. That happiness shows in my looks.
I am living proof that money isn’t necessary to look younger. My pension, after years working in admin for a government organisation, covers the basics but little more. I don’t have spare cash to pour into beauty therapists’, nail technicians’ or a facialists’ pockets...

I visit the hairdresser once a year for a cut and highlights. They have yet to find a grey hair, which must be down to good genes.

My skin routine is simple but strict — I never use tap water on my face. The water where I live is hard, which means it has a high mineral content and dries my skin out quickly. Instead, I use Boots No.7 cream cleanser, wiped on cotton wool around my face and neck, and a toner afterwards by the same brand.
I have breakfast and give my pores a chance to breathe before using L’Oreal Age Perfect moisturiser an hour later. I cleanse again before bed.

While I’m grateful I don’t look my age, I’m aware of the intense pressure to look young. All women are programmed to care deeply about aging and every year that goes by, I worry more and more about lines, wrinkles and getting older. How much longer I will look like this? They say age is just a number but, more importantly, it is your mindset.

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