Thursday, 11 June 2015

Farmer Spends Six Years Digging Out A Cave In Mountain... And Has Transformed It Into His 'Comfy Home'

A Chinese farmer spent six years digging himself a cave in a mountain after getting divorced from his wife.
Xu Wenyi, 57, has now lived in the cave in Hunan province in southern China for more than a decade.
He says it gives him peace and quiet, and the chance to 'escape reality', reported the People's Daily Online.

The cave, which measures 100 feet deep and 13 feet wide, is located in a mountain in Xiangtan County and even has its own front door. 
Photographs show the impressive depth of the rectangular cave and its sophisticated interior.
It comes complete with its own kitchen made out of stone, an 85 square feet living room and even a chicken coop inside the cave. 

The ceilings and walls have been reinforced with concrete, and the walls have alcoves dug out of them as shelves for his personal belongings. 
He also made himself a garden by planting pine and cypress trees on the nearby land. 
Mr Xu says that since he moved to the cave he has had the chance to enjoy the fresh air and do more exercise.   

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