Saturday, 6 June 2015

Baby Dies After Father Leaves Him In Back Seat Of A Hot Car For Four Hours

AN innocent baby was found dead in the back of a car in sweltering heat after his father forgot about him.

The unidentified parent faces prison after saying he was "stressed and overworked" and forgot to drop his son off at nursery – instead leaving him in the back of the car for four hours.
The engineer dad took his wife to work at around 2pm on Thursday, saying he would drop their son off at creche.
Instead he completely forgot and returned home to catch up with some work for his company, which is based in Rennes, France, some 200 miles away from their home of Dieppe.
Four hours later the man was called by his wife to go and collect the baby.

It was only when he arrived at the daycare centre that other people pointed out his now motionless child in the back of the car.

With the windows shut and no air conditioning the baby is thought to have had trouble breathing before succumbing to the high temperatures.
Paramedics arrived at the car within a few minutes but there was nothing they could do to revive the child.
The man was immediately arrested by police and faces possible manslaughter charges – which could lead to a custodial sentence.
An emergency services source said the man had complained about having too much work to do and was otherwise inconsolable.
Valerie Cadignan, the Dieppe prosecutor, said: "The father had made a round trip without realising that the child was strapped into the back of the car."
An autopsy is being held, as well as a psychological examination of the father, Mrs Cadignan added.

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